The Renaissance Vixen

The official home page of Lenora Rose

"Hell, no, it's not really feasible to be a writer, but so what? Who says I have to be feasible?"
Tim Pratt

I'm a Winnipeg born writer and artist, living with my fiancé Colin, and two cats.

Colin got me a domain back at our second anniversary. I'm not an HTML person by any means, so this is a standby page. I have rather more ambitious plans, but this will have to do for the nonce. Give me time.

Or better, give me advice. I'm working with Dreamweaver, on a 15" screen, and the only browser I have is IE (I know I should change that.) So if I missed anything obvious, or it just looks awful in your browser, let me know, especially if you can suggest a fix.

Below is the interesting stuff, or so I think: the first samples of my writing and my art.


This picture is about 5 years old, but I figured it was accurate enough....


I write fantasy, generally. Don't ask me to get into definitions; I do fairy tales, untraditional high fantasy, and some kinda litr'ary pieces in the here and now. My novella, The Illusion of Steel, which is admittedly more traditional high fantasy (Being about enchanted swords, ghosts, and family), is now available from Jintsu e-texts. Here's an excerpt.

And here's a little fairy tale I'm still rather fond of: The Ghost of Him

Green Man

I write periodic reviews for Green Man, a folklore and folk-tale based site. I've covered music, film and books, in reviews both good and bad, and sometimes where even I'm not sure.


I'll have a full thumbnail gallery up later, and mucho pretty pottery, and smaller versions of some of the overlarge current images. But in the meantime, here's some older work:

This is a weird self portrait.

I have a fascination with selkies.

This sketch was loosely inspired by Robin McKinley's Rose Daughter.

The original of this picture, called Familiar, was sold at a Science Fiction Convention art show some years ago. If the original purchaser is out there, please contact me!


And last and probably least, this is a costume I did, a fairy very loosely based on a Renaissance gown. Yes, that's me somewhere beneath. (Photo by Wayne Morris)


If you have any questions or remarks, e-mail me here. Or you can catch me at the Rumor Mill, or hanging out at Absolute Write (Mostly in the Novel Writing area).